YOU Girl! (2005)

YOU Girl! is an interactive web-art piece by Carmin Karasic and Rolf van Gelder.


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Sections of the 1960 Wendy Ward Charm School workbook are reconstructed in the YOU Girl! website.

YOU Girl! shows how the book’s narrative works to establish impossible ‘Beauty Ideals’ and vulnerability in feminine identity.

Welcome to YOU Girl!
Welcome to YOU Girl!

“Welcome to Project YOU GIRL! This is YOUR project! The YOU GIRL! website will transform you into a lovely, magnificent being. YOU will learn what it means to be a girl. It’s more than what you were born as or something you do with your appearance.It’s YOU GIRL! THE TOTAL YOU! …the way you look and talk …act and move; especially the way you treat others; the way you feel about people and things …and …yes …even the way you think.

The Habits of Beauty
The Habits of Beauty

There are two areas in which you must work if you are to become a true beauty.
First, you must develop the attitudes of beauty.
Second, you must learn the habits of beauty. Actually, sometimes, the attitudes of beauty are harder to develop and feel at home with than are the habits.”

Let's analyze your voice...
Let’s analyze your voice…


YOU Girl! has been developed using Macromedia Flash (with actionscript).

Let's analyze your voice... The results!
Let’s analyze your voice… The results!

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