Anthropocene (2009)

Anthropocene is a New Media Artwork by Carmin Karasic & Rolf van Gelder

Anthropocene @ GLOW 2009
Anthropocene @ GLOW 2009


Anthropocene is the era in which human activities significantly impact the Earth’s climate and ecosystems. This artwork highlights interdependencies between human activities that impact global warming.

The artwork Anthropocene depicts the sun in the background, as the central energy source, with population, deforestation, CO2 emissions, industry, oil and water as conceptual gears.
Each rotating gear-like image causes the one next to it to rotate.
Population growth leads to energy demands that drive industry, which in turn leads to deforestation.
All three lead to increases in green house gases. Everything has a relationship to water.

A live feed ‘ticker tape” displays related data, changing as it scrolls above and below the animation.

The music, “In C”, is by Terry Riley.

Anthropocene was created for MAD @ GLOW 2009.
The artwork consists of digital collages and statistics controlled by a program written in the Processing language.

Anthropocene @ GLOW 2009
Anthropocene @ GLOW 2009



Anthropocene @ GLOW 2009
Anthropocene @ GLOW 2009 (building up)