Tag: new social media art
TweetMood (2019)
TweetMood is an interactive New (Social) Media Artwork by Rolf van Gelder. The artwork tries to determine, real-time, the current mood of the world. For accomplishing that, it gets the latest tweets from Twitter (more or less at random) and have them classified by an Artificial Intelligence Model (ML5). The AI model has been trained […]
Twosaic (2019)
Twosaic (‘Twitter Mosaic’) is an interactive New (Social) Media Artwork by Rolf van Gelder Twosaic is a live visual animation of what is going on in the world. It uses a real-time Twitter API (‘twitter4J‘). A random topic will be chosen from the top trending topics list. It uses the trending topics from the following […]
#loveu #hateu
#loveU #hateU (2017)
#loveU #hateU is a New (Social) Media Artwork by Jana Astanov & Rolf van Gelder   #loveU #hateU is a live Twitter feed, showing all tweets with the hashtags #loveU or #hateU. It’s roulating the tweets in the grid: a new tweet will be added in the upper left corner, the tweet in the lower […]