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rvglife (2014)
RvGLife @ Internet (2014, and ongoing)
RvGLife, an Artificial Life web-art artwork by Rolf van Gelder About RvGLife All the ‘facts’ below are arbitrary… I just made them up for sake of the artwork! After reading the text below you should be able to understand what’s happening in the artwork above. For questions and / or comments you always can send […]
RvGLife (2014)
RvGLife is an Artificial Life (web-/net-) artwork by Rolf van Gelder. The artwork The artwork, so far, only has been exhibited on the Internet (as ‘web-art’ or ‘net-art‘). About RvGLife It’s a web-art piece about life, death, sexuality, competition, desire, reproduction, aging, child birth and more. Every creature is just fading away and life goes […]