SjansMachine (2010-2014)

A movie about the SjansMachine by famous Dutch actors Teun Kuilboer & Robert De Hoog

SjansMachine @ Plaza Futura (2010)  – movie by Olga Mink


A collaboration between Eindhoven based artists Olga Mink, Carmin Karasic and Rolf van Gelder.

SjansMachine (‘Chance Machine‘) is an interactive installation that works with real-time images and face detection software. SjansMachine reflects the world we live in and the ever-increasing technologies that incorporate daily life. The aim of this installation is to bring people closer together in a playful and fun way. Like many social networking tools on the Internet these days, SjansMachine enables you to connect with other people. It plays with the idea that the virtual world is replacing our social life and therefore wants people to connect in the real world again.

Participants intuitively use emerging technologies, such as QR tags and face detection, to ‘find new friends’. The custom software automatically takes a picture when a face is detected. This photo is transferred in real-time to the projections. The images are constantly animated. During “match” mode SjansMachine displays its match in front of the audience. Previous versions were presented at Plazaplus Festival Eindhoven and The Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht.

SjansMachine is appealing to both eyes and heart. Not only fun is guaranteed, but also the stimulation of meetings, talks and even heated discussions amongst visitors. What is the use of meeting like this? What is the benefit of social media networks? How could digital technologies ever know what’s best for us? Questions like these and many others arose immediately during and after playing with it. SjansMachine proved a successful, stimulative means for visitors to meet and interact with each other.
~ Claartje Opdam, Dutch Film Festival

SjansMachine @ Santa Fé (2011)
SjansMachine @ Santa Fé (2011)


SjansMachine @ Nederlands Film Festival (2010)
SjansMachine @ Nederlands Film Festival (2010)

Presentations / lectures

  • 2010, November 17: Guest lecture by Carmin Karasic @ Paderborn University, Paderborn, DE
  • 2010, February 24: Presentation by Olga Mink & Carmin Karasic @ Beamlab #18, Amsterdan, NL


SjansMachine @ Plaza Futura (2010)
SjansMachine @ Plaza Futura (2010)


  • The SjansMachine made it to the finals of the Celeste Prize 2010 (Italy / USA) in the category Live Media / Performance