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T#Walker v1.0 @ Dutch Technology Week, Eindhoven, NL (2013)
Version 1.0 of the T#Walker New Media installation, by Rolf van Gelder, was shown at the Dutch Technology Week 2013. Date May 31 – June 8, 2013 Location Eindhoven Public Library (the ‘White Lady’) in Eindhoven, NL Android App Download and install your free, real-time, Android T#Walker App from here: http://cage.nl/apk/twalker13.apk Should work on Android […]
T#Walker (2013)
Description A New Media artwork by Rolf van Gelder. T#Walker is a real-time ‘Tweet-Walker’ (or ‘Tweet-Crawler’): it pulls real-time Tweets from Twitter and finds its own way in the vast Twitter world. In fact it’s an arbitrary mirror of the world; showing what people are talking about, right now, at this very moment, linking tweets […]