Realtime Quakes (2019)

Realtime Quakes is a real time visualization of earthquakes that are happening anywhere in the world.

See the artwork (live)

realtime quakes

As source it uses a live stream from the USGS (United States Geological Survey).

The actual quakes (from the last hour) are marked on a Google Map.
As soon as a new quake has been detected, the map updates itself and centers around this most recent quake.

realtime quakes

The markers are color coded: the redder the marker the bigger the magnitude of the quake.

You need to be patient: on average the earthquakes happen every 6-15 minutes.

realtime quakes


Programmed with P5JS, a language for creative coding, based on JavaScript.
The live version below is embedded using the WordPress plugin ‘Responsive P5JS for WP

The Artwork (live)